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Manual brush or electric brush

It is common to see this question, in this article we are going to make the clarifications to know which is the best option and if its benefits are really worth it.

How to brush?

Although it sounds very basic, it is an issue that often goes unnoticed.

Special emphasis should be placed on hygiene to prevent caries or gingivitis from appearing.

The most careful areas are:

  • Interdental spaces.
  • Pits and fissures of molars and premolars.
  • Gum margins.

Correct brushing time

The recommended time is at least 3 minutes. It should be remembered that at brushing time all sides of the teeth should be brushed.

Is a manual or electric toothbrush better?

Manual toothbrushing works well if the correct technique is performed at the correct times.

The electric toothbrush helps if:

  • The technique used is not the best.
  • The ability to achieve a good brushing is not possessed.
  • You don’t have the ability because of age.

Some electric brushes have a timer that helps us to know when we should finish brushing and thus to perform for enough time, which is not always the case.

The vibrations and movements improve brushing, these are movements that can be done manually and that sometimes go unnoticed.